Web Hosting Recommendations

I’m in the process of relaunching my business website and trying to decide on hosting providers as there seems to be pro’s and con’s to all of them. Any recommendations on which ones have been good and the ones to avoid? The new site is being built in Wordpress on local in house server, so will eventually need to do a backup and restore to the hosting provider. I’ve used Hostgator a few years ago for an old static site which is now temporally on a small Godaddy plan until the new site is ready to be launched. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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We use A2 Hosting, I don’t love them but I also don’t hate them. Overall their issues over the years have been very minimal.

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Thanks Tom. I’ll have to check them out a little more.

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Avoid site5. They got bought out and went downhill. I couldn’t get my IP off of an email blacklist with them and they didn’t care.

I went to InmotionHosting and they’ve been good so far. They don’t support Python on their shared tier, which I would like do I’m probably going to shop around when my contract is up.

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Hetzner is pretty cheep and offers pretty good service, they also have VPS’s and dedicated servers to.

Mixed feelings about Network Solutions, the biggest issue is the lack of Let’s Encrypt, they want to sell you a cert and they only go for the most expensive level.

From what I’ve read, they can enable Let’s Encrypt on shared hosting, but it isn’t a friendly process.

Thanks everyone, I ended up going with A2 Hosting and will see how they do.

I’ve had poor experience with web.com (same parent company) have they finally added a way to add dns txt records?

Web.com was terrible would highly reccomend GoDaddy over them. (would not actually recommend GoDaddy