We Won The Structured Cabling Bid What

Great info as always. Nice that the client lets you in at night-- I’ve been on those jobs where all the other trades are in there dancing around each other.

After watching your cabling vids, I feel blessed that I started my IT career doing “grunt work” like pulling cables. I can imagine some who started on the software side getting a little flustered when they have to figure out how a client’s building is going to get wired up.

Tom, great video as always.

Question. Why drag very cable back to a central point? Why not have intermediary switches servicing local drops and uplink via fibre to a central point? To save you dragging so many cables around.

Observation, data centres have really changed over the years. I remember them being like ice and everything routed below the raised flooring. Now power goes below, networking gores to a rack mounted switch and then uplinked. Data centres are now unnervingly warm in comparison to what they used to be and have these cool corridors which is pretty clever. Things change.


If the building was bigger we would have done that, but having everything going to one room that is centrally located was the most practical solution for this clien.

Tom, Thanks for your reply. I really like your “Real World” presentation style.

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