We live in interesting times! 10G internet

Comcast is advertising 10G internet. I am curious if they are going to offer it in my area.

OMG I am so jealous. I am still stuck with 40Mbs up.

That’s about where i’ve been for my entire existence from early 2000’s on up, except it was normally 10-40mbps down and 5-10 up.
Ziply is putting in symmetrical one gig fiber at my house, another world rocking moment for me as a tech nerd.
This stuff was just fantasy when I was a teenager, the most I could aspire to as a young adult was stumbling across an abandoned government building with an intact DS3 that I could rent out or buy, salvage it. Contractors when they abandon gov buildings after a while took to destroying the DS3/OC connections before selling it.

LOL come to the UK if you want to travel to the past, the speeds here are so slow and prices just going up. 10G won’t arrive until I am in the ground.

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