WD Red Pro or WD Gold for NAS?

The Red Pros say they are for NAS, and the Golds say they are for data centers.
Both models are on Synology’s compatibility list. I assume the Golds are better because, well…you know…they’re gold. Right?

If you have RAID5 and one disk fails, then you have to rebuild the array. With Golds you have almost zero chance of a failed rebuild. But a successful rebuild requires also ECC RAM and not all synology models support this kind of memory. So if you don’t have ECC RAM, don’t pay for enterprise disks.

I’ll probably set it up Raid 10 or SHD 2.
The Golds are actually less expensive. But here’s the problem I’m facing…

The Synology 1621+ HDD compatibility list doesn’t show the Golds on the list. In fact, the list is quite small. The only Red Pro it supports is 4TB, wth? However it’s predecessor, the 1618+ does list the golds and most red pros as compatible. So does the 720+ that I have.

I wonder if I should ditch this NAS?

Ok, the compatibility list shows the “Seagate IronWolf 8TB NAS ST8000VN004” as compatible.
Amazon has them and can overnight them. I assume the golds are better but these are on the list.

What do you guys think?

Whichever disk you choose, don’t buy from same vendor and same production batch. Because, if one is problematic it is possible that others will be problematic too. I vote for the Golds btw.

Man, nothing is easy jeez.

I would say the Golds are better. But Synology will only support what is on the list if there are any issues.