Warning! Do Not Install or Upgrade to HAProxy 0.62_1

If you upgrade or install this version then the service will not start due to the latest version of haproxy not allowing a certain parameter in its config. You will get the below error.

Errors found while starting haproxy
[NOTICE] (64833) : haproxy version is 2.7.6-4dadaaa
[NOTICE] (64833) : path to executable is /usr/local/sbin/haproxy
[ALERT] (64833) : config : parsing [/var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg:8] : nbproc is not supported any more since HAProxy 2.5. Threads will automatically be used on multi-processor machines if available.
[ALERT] (64833) : config : Error(s) found in configuration file : /var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg
[ALERT] (64833) : config : Fatal errors found in configuration.
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The fix:

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Yeah that is a really nasty fix. I actually submitted a bug for this on their redmine and it did get resolved.

I am pretty disappointed in the quality control for this new release. It makes me think they didn’t test this at all or if they did they would have immediately seen the service not start right out of the gate and would have avoided this whole mess. This issue took me down for a while. Maybe its shame on me for installing updates without vetting them out.

Don’t get me wrong, I think mistakes can happen but I find this particular issue pretty lazy from netgate and makes me real cautious about updating anything going forward. If they claim to be enterprise ready, they need to act like it.

It happened to me when I updated it on pfsense plus 23.05.1-RELEASE (amd64) last night. I had to do some quick googling and found the posts on the issue. Couple of suggestions were posted and I used the dev package to fix it. I updated it again this morning to the normal package and is working fine now.

I agree should have been more testing before releasing it. Stuff happens. Lucky the permanent fix was only hours instead of days or weeks.