Wanting to go full Unifi at home but

Ok I have recently found that my home lab that I built a while back may be conflicting some home items. So I figured I would set my home up right and like I do clients. So I got an unifi switch 8 port about to switch out for a 16 port likely tomorrow. But my major concern is wireless speed I have a Asus AC3100 and I picked up a unifi AP AC Pro. And did some basic speed test all over my home with one on either side and the Asus was always faster. Is there any Unifi router that is as fast as my current Asus? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Asus AC3100 has 4x4 MU-MIMO (Multiple User Multiple In Multiple Out). That means it supports up to four simultaneous bonded connections to each client, and/or it can talk to multiple clients at once (e.g. use two of the connections to send to client A and two to client B). (This is a rough explanation, I don’t fully understand it myself)
The Unifi AP AC Pro has 3x3 MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) which is one less possible connection, and it can only talk to one client at a time.
The Unifi nanoHD has 4x4 MU-MIMO.

MIMO is also know as AC Wave 1, and MU-MIMO is also know as AC Wave 2. The clients’ setup also matters. Most smartphones only have a 1x1 or 2x2 configuration. Most recent laptops will have 2x2 or 3x3, cheaper ones may be 1x1. 4x4 on client devices is actually rare. For MU-MIMO, the clients that are being sent traffic at the same time must both support it, the router will only combine devices into a timeslot if they are eligible for it.

@bobstertime I think you have a little confusion with your nomenclature. Your Asus is probably an all in one router, switch and AP. The AC Pro is only a AP.

To answer the question that I think you’re asking, the nanoHD is also a wave 2 AC AP.

How are you testing your speeds? I find significant variations with iperf3 with my AC Pro if I’m uploading vs downloading and how many parallel streams I’m testing with. I can get 350-400 Mbps testing with my Pixel which has a 2x2 antenna if I remember correctly.

I agree after posting I spent a bit more time researching I saw the Ubiquiti comparable version was like $400. I test with my SP4, Note 9, and MacBook. The Asus is generally 200Mbps faster. I understand the 3x3 vs 4x4 Mimo. As far as testing I created another wireless network but it on thr opposite side of home and compared using a combination of Fast.com, speed test web and app, and ATT speed test. Even right next to the Unifi AC Pro the Asus is faster on every device tested.

Ahhh so I need a nanoHD possibly. Sorry for the non-research been in hospital last few days. That is what I get for a spontaneous Micro Center purchase. I will also be upgrading my switch looks like it.

Got Nano HD still not as fast with 4x4 so I think I am going to do a legacy wireless and AC wireless with the different routers at this time.

Do you have the Channel Width for the 5G radio(s) set to VHT80?

No I don’t I will try that and see if it makes a difference :slight_smile: