Wanted: HowTo Monitor Traffic I/O Of My Home?

Hello, My WOW internet provider will be implementing data caps soon and I want to monitor total data usage into/out of my home, ideally monitor grouped by device usage, and hopefully destination address. My current L3 swtich has the ability to port mirror. Alas, none of my network devices support snmp. There are a few options such as purchasing a new switch that supports way-better management monitoring/reporting or use something like a RPI and port mirroring on my existing L3 swtich to analyze network data flow (and host other services). I’m network, Docker & Linux literate so implementing something myself is possible.

Any recommendations on what network monitoring tools can monitor and report on data usage travelling over my WAN?

might want to have a look at ntop … I’ve set it up with pfsense but not done much beyond that.

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This sounds like a perfect use case for Untangle. Not only do you get dashboards to monitor traffic across the LAN and WAN interfaces, you have some easy to use tools to help shape traffic and minimize the risk of overages.

If you have a spare VM or box but not a lot of time or motivation, PRTG will let you have 100 sensors as freeware. The only downside is that it ONLY runs on Windows.