WAN PfSense port forward to device connected via OpenVPN

Hi! I have this architecture:


I need to access a service in port 7700 from device that connected to PfSense through openvpn. Athe ny host in internet can be access. So, the access came from PfSense WAN.

I created a port forward rule:

Interface: WAN
Destination: WAN Address
Destination Port Range: 25001
Redirect Target IP:
Redirect Target Port: 7700

I have read similar posts and i already created a OVPN interface and disable all rules in OPENVPN Firewall Tab and inserted in OVPN Interface tab. But i think missing any rule in outobound rules (already in hybrid mode) but i don’t know how to configure this outbound rule.

When i try to access the service the firewall rule tab show the state:

WAN tcp CL_ADDR:1081 → (WAN_ADDR:25001) CLOSED:SYN_SENT Packets: 2 / 0 Bytes: 96 B / 0 B

When CL_ADDR is the public IP that access and WAN_ADDR is WAN PfSense.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

  1. Make sure you have configured site 1 OpenVPN server to allow in IPv4 Local networks
  2. Make sure you have firewall rules on site 1 to allow Source to Destiantion on the proper interface.
  3. On your pfsense you need to make sure to allow Source to Destiantion on the proper interface.