Wan Fail over not correctly working PFSENSE


I have done a couple of these setups before and work fine

but for some reason i cant get a fall over gateway working right

I can get it working fine fail Wan 1 and kicks over to Wan 2 no issue

But if wan one come back It gets its ip no issues but the gate way stays at Pending


The only way to get it back online is to do a setting change or something to get it to kick back over

The backup is a 4G modem so it has high Latency and packet loss where WAN 1 is a Fiber Connection and is Clean

so i have the Gateway group setup with High Latency or Packet loss

Wan 2 is Tair 2 and one is one

I have even played with the connection its self to say Wan 1 has more Weight for this gateway when used in a Gateway Group.

Still nothing it is staying in pending…

Any Ideas

Thanks all


I’ve had issues similiar to what you’ve got.
Mine was a specifically with 1 wan.
To get around my issue I had to restart the device

Some things I would check:

  • Try and avoid using any of the same Monitoring IPs as DNS servers in your System > General Setup.
  • Whether the Gateway Monitoring Daemon service is still running, might need a one off restart or watchdog if this persists.
  • Back in the 2.2.x days, adding even a small Data Payload would help with some Gateway Monitoring issues. image