WAN Connection Loss

About once a week and sometimes multiple times a day, the internet completely goes down. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot, so please advise on any logs or screenshots to upload that might help. I attached a screenshot (hopefully) of the Gateway logs.

Thanks for the help!!


Perhaps contact your ISP you might have a fault on your line.

I would guess the failure if the internet going down on the ISP side.

I thought the same thing until rebooting the modem didn’t fix it, but rebooting pfSense did. Should I try different hardware for pfSense?

Been running Pfsense for a year has been stable throughout that time … might be hardware … but might still be the ISP unless they say the line is completely stable.

Any troubleshooting steps you would recommend to narrow it down to the ISP?

If you have a consumer router … plug this in and see what happens… if you have Zabbix there might be a way to configure it such that there is an alert for loss of WAN connection … though I’m not sure, I have it tell me when devices are offline …

I definitely know when the internet goes down. My son is very quick to let me know. What tests should I perform while it is down? I’m not an expert at pfSense, so I’m not sure how to test it to verify it’s an ISP issue.

I would look at it the other way and get your ISP to verify it’s not them.

Good call! I’ll give that a go.

I had a similar problem a while back. My 500 mbit connection got reduced to 100 mbit when it was used hard, and after some time connection was lost all together. I used wireshark and could see that there was a lot of packed resending going on and narrowed it down to a bad cat6 between the ONT and router in my case. Changed it and has worked ever since :slight_smile:
The cable that was bad was brand new, installed and never touched by human hands before this started happening out of nowhere