Wake up server and take backup

Hei Tom

I could need a video on how to start a server over IPMI and take backup of a other server and shut it down again. Periodic backup of TrueNAS Scale.

I running a TrueNAS Scale server on both supermicro servers with IPMI. Replication task is up and running.

It sound like your goal would be to wake up the other server if it’s off and I think using Wake On Lan would be the easiest way.

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I know my TrueNAS box isn’t running all the time, so I use scripts to wake it and shut it down when complete. (I just run scrubs manually since it’s not running very often)

As mentioned I use Wake On Lan.

Here is an example from a Windows batch file, the WOL command, and the shutdown command from putty (the text file just contains the shutdown command, shutdown -h now):

"D:\Programs - Tools\WakeOnLan\WolCmd.exe" 011b19EA3454
start putty.exe -ssh root@ -pw mypassword -m "C:\shutdown.txt"

From my Linux machines, I use a similar thing to wake it if necessary:

wakeonlan 01:1b:19:EA:34:54
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Okay, I used the Main server to wake up the backup server with “ipmitool -I lanplus -H (IP addresse) -U *** -P *** chassis power on” under a ‘Cron Job’.

But the shutdown code “chassis power off” just kills the server. What code shod I use for a normal shutdown of the server?

You can use ssh from the main TrueNAS to shutdown the other one.

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I found that this code will shutdown the server the right way.

“ipmitool -I lanplus -H (IP addresse) -U *** -P *** chassis power soft”