VPN Tunnel Software

Hello all. I am looking for some advice on some VPN software. I have a home server that I would like to remote into but would like to use a VPN tunnel. Any advice on some good solutions. I would like one that does not have a monthly bill.


Hi Cashean,

You may want to look into setting up a Raspberry Pi on your network, then install OpenVPN or Wireguard. It’s really easy to configure.



Think I am going to try open vpn on a pi. Ty

Sure! If you have Docker set up, that could be an option as well, instead of a physical RasPi.


Raspberry pi’s are great as long as you have the correct power supply.

I know on Asus routers you can setup an OpenVPN server too, which works better IMO than an RPI.

Failing all that you can always install the OpenVPN server on the device you want to access.

You’ve got quite a few options to get it running.