VPN Service for PfSense

I’m looking at running pfSense through a VPN like NordVPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN, etc. Does anyone have any experience with these services? Which do you prefer or is there an easier/less expensive way?

Thanks for your help!


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We’ve tried OpenVPN and its free and easy to install…

I have a video on using pfsense with OpenVPN and adding the kill switch to stop routing if the VPN goes down.

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Awesome video! Can’t believe I didn’t remember this one. Thanks Tom!

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Has anyone been able to setup and use PureVPN?
Setup tutorial PureVPN
It seems to me that the concept of this VPN is different from PIA, NordVPN etc.etc.

How can I add Policy routing to this one?

Am a fan of AirVPN, like their general view on privacy. They seem to have their servers running the latest version of OpenVPN with good security standards. Don’t have any issue with speeds for servers close to me, can easily saturate my line but it’s only 50Mbps.

However, the best thing is they offer 5 VPN connections, so I’ve set up 3 VPN WANs and put them in a Gateway Group, if one fails the 2 others will still be running.

My tip would be to set up a vLan for VPN traffic and then you’ll know for certain all traffic is going through the VPN. When you are using a single LAN it leaves plenty of opportunity for IP leaks.