VPN Server on DS-Lite

Hi there everyone,

after watching the latest video about the nord-vpn breach, I would like to put forward an idea for a tutorial video:

Here in Germany more and more ISPs do not hand out a true IPv4 address any more. The methode is called DualStack lite and you get a real IPv6 address and a private IPv4 address behind the ISPs carrier grade NAT server.

This means that all the wonderful VPN implementations based on IPv4 do not work any more.

Is it possible to set up a VPN on a pfSense for example and only rely on IPv6?
Mobile phones get IPv6 addresses here also…

Maybe you folks here have an idea and would like to help out many many people on the net?

Help or hints a highly welcome!

Thanks and keep up the great YouTube channel!

All the best,

It should work as IPV6 is supported on both pfsense and OpenVPN

I don’t really do much with IPV6 so I am not sure if I will do a video on it.