VPN, Protect cameras, site A: pfSense - site B: Unifi USG: possible?

Hey all,
Just a quick question:

TL;DR can I create a 24/7 VPN connection from site A (pfSense) to site B (UniFi USG) and use the Cloud Key at site A to manage the cameras on site B?

Site A (my home):

  • 500/40 cable internet
  • pfSense SG-1100
  • UniFi stack : switches , AP’s, Cloud Key gen 2+ running 6 Protect cameras

Site B (parents home)

  • 50/5 cable internet
  • ISP modem/router/AP (“Connectbox”)
  • nothing else as of yet

I have some gear gathering dust:

  • UniFi USG 3 router
  • UniFi 8 port PoE switch 60W

Need to buy a couple of cameras, am thinking G3 flex

Objective: remote camera surveillance at site B, managed and recorded at site A

I was thinking the following:

  • deploy USG 3, a switch and some cams at site B
  • create a 24/7 VPN tunnel from site A to site B: will that work considering I have pfSense at site A and USG at site B? Need OpenVPN? Other?
  • once I’m in at site B: install UniFi cameras on site B on my cloud key at site A

Possible? Caveats?
Would I need to do custom programming in JSON files with the USG for this?

Other option: pick up used pfSense box for Site B, same question: will I get the site B remote cameras connect to the cloud key at site A?


I would just bite the bullet and go for an SG1100 for site B.

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Hi @g-aitc , thanks for your quick and unequivocal response. As obvious an advice as it is, may I ask why? Is it a great hassle to setup OpenVPN between pfSense - USG?

Second question, just as important:
As soon as I have the VPN live, is it in fact possible to manage site B cameras from the cloud key at site A?


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The UniFi site to site VPN works well, but cameras over a VPN do not as they generate too much traffic.

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Tom replied that cams will create much traffic and he is right on with that but lowers may solve that but there will be latency. You should increase the 50Mb to 100 Mbs at site B. having the same hardware tree at both sites simplifies management, just the way I spec things. One other suggestion is to use the single drive Unifi DVR at the remote site that you can also manage from afar. Since Unifi 86ed the original surveillance product I have been reluctant to recommend because of lock in to a vendor. Synology looks to be gaining in this area since the licensing is reasonable and they support a wide range of cameras.

For what it’s worth, using the kit you have just try it out.

However, if you buy new Unifi cams they won’t be supported on Synology or QNAP.

If you want to do it on the cheap I’d use what you have and buy some chinese cams like Hikvision, you don’t have to send recordings to a NAS, just set up triggers and email alerts with a live view only, can also add a NAS later if required.

Yes Unifi cams only work with Unifi.

Thanks all. I am inclined to use UniFi cameras at site B as this surveillance system may be quite temporary so maybe sooner than later I will have some cameras coming back to my home to play with, which I can put to good use in my home network.
All I would need at site B, apart from the USG, switch, AP and cams, would be a recording device for the footage.

To be honest I was interested in seeing if I could get the VPN to work as it would be my first. Not sure what I would bargain for trying to VPN pfSense to USG. But if the traffic is too much as Tom points out the VPN matter is academic.

Thanks for thinking along people, I’ll need to think this through first. Follow up coming sooner or later.