VPN in but internet is blocked going out

PFsense 7100 box. I have a open VPN tunnel from my phone into my Homelab. I also have a Wireguard VPN out that all network traffic out goes through. I am using the Wireguard package.

Everything works fine that I can tell but I cannot get my phone to access the internet through my network. Even when the Wireguard VPN is off, the phone still does not have internet access. I have full access to everything in the lab though.

Firewall rule issue?
Any insight is appreciated.

If it is getting an IP but not routing traffic then it’s likely to be a rule.

I did a few things and now it seems to be working but I couldn’t tell you which one it really was.

  1. I added a nat rule to allow the vpn client address range to has wan access.
  2. I went back into the Openvpn Servers tab and added force all traffic through the tunnel.

If I was to go back and disable the NAT rule I made, How long should that take to effect my clients to see if that was really what fixed it?

OK, Nat rule was not needed. removed and everything is still working