VOIP solution for cal center

hi i am working in a call center where we use skype to make calls with clients so i am looking for other solution better than skype and help me to save money ?

Have you looked into FreePBX?

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no i didn’t can you please give some information about it

Personally I have not used it. however I know many others have.

You can take a look at their site freepbx.org for all the information you could ever want. One of the best things is it is opensource and very customizable .

I’m going to recommend vanilla Asterisk. We’ve been it running as a central PBX for a municipal government for over a decade now, over 300 extensions at 40 different sites. The /etc/asterisk config files are pretty simple to setup and maintain once you’ve gone through them a couple of times.

Check with local CLECs on SIP trunk service. If nothing else, look at VoIP.ms or Vitelity… Less than $1 per month for a DID and less than a penny per minute of actual usage.