VOIP solution for cal center

hi i am working in a call center where we use skype to make calls with clients so i am looking for other solution better than skype and help me to save money ?

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Have you looked into FreePBX?

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no i didn’t can you please give some information about it

Personally I have not used it. however I know many others have.

You can take a look at their site freepbx.org for all the information you could ever want. One of the best things is it is opensource and very customizable .

I’m going to recommend vanilla Asterisk. We’ve been it running as a central PBX for a municipal government for over a decade now, over 300 extensions at 40 different sites. The /etc/asterisk config files are pretty simple to setup and maintain once you’ve gone through them a couple of times.

Check with local CLECs on SIP trunk service. If nothing else, look at VoIP.ms or Vitelity… Less than $1 per month for a DID and less than a penny per minute of actual usage.

At Lawrence Systems we use FreePBX and Zen Communications. Both options would work for you. Reach out to us and ask for Me. I can help


You might also look at Grandstream PBX models. If you have a call center you probably have quite a few phones, so the 6510 might be the route to go.

Grandstream is pre-built hardware ready to handle call volume and integrate with 3rd party solutions like CRM’s and other software. Has every feature available built into the hardware, including FXO and FXS ports. Very affordable and no ongoing license fees. I have had great success using these PBX’s.

FreePBX is a great solution and there is some hardware you can buy based around FreePBX like Sangoma and ClearlyIP.

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hi guys thanks for reply
i know about PBX system but the think that i want to know is how to configure those phone system with your phone number provider and if you know some of good provider in europe ?

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I’ve been looking for a SIP provider in portugal too! here is a list I found https://sourceforge.net/software/voip/europe/ hope it helps

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Hey there…

try reaching out to Chris from CrossTalkSolutions.

http://crosstalksolutions.com or send him an email @ info@crosstalksolutions.com