VoIP registration issue from WAN failover

Hoping someone has dealt with this in the past and may have an answer. I have dug through a lot of forum and other discussions and have not located a definitive solution.

I have a pfSense 2100 max setup using LAN 4 as a logical port for LTE failover. I have configured the Gateways and routing group accordingly and set the tiers to represent the correct priority. I have the default gateway set to the Gateway group. We are using Grand stream 2170 phones. The issue is that the phones do not register when failing back from LTE to primary. There seems to be quite a bit of discussion on this that I saw on some older threads. Some even created scripts but really don’t want to do that if I don’t have to.

I have no issues on primary and failover to LTE. All phones and pc’s move over and work correctly. Its only when primary is back online. All other devices move back but phones do not register back to primary. I can kill the states for those devices or reboot the phone and they then register.

I am currently using " Kill states on down gateways " but have also tried the other 2 settings " Flush and don’t kill states ". Neither resolved the issue. Firewall optimization is set to normal, Scrub is unchecked. I have left the phones alone on fail back to primary to see if it was a timeout issue but after 15 minutes they still did not move back to primary. If I disable primary and failback to LTE, they pickup almost instantly.

Will continue to troubleshoot but wanted to see if anyone within the community may have experienced this and discovered a solution.


Unless disrupted the created states stay where they are working.

So what options do I have other than manually intervening? How is it the other network connected devices make the switch back and the phones are not able. Seeing as how the Backup actually never fails during the cutover to primary for the states to be killed you would think all devices would stay connected to the failover connection? With the amount of these devices in use and in the same scenario dual WAN failover, this type of situation has to be common. I’m sure you have customers that fall into this category. How did you address it?

I appreciate your input.


Phone keep a persistent registered state and are not frequently generating new states because that would be disruptive to calls. Most all of our clients with dual connections don’t have 4G, they have some secondary ISP so it’s a non issue. Even with 4G it’s not much of an issue because phones are low bandwidth. You could also set an off hours daily reboot of the phones to auto mitigate the issue with minimal disruption.

Thank you for the info and reply. Rebooting or killing the state would only need to take place when the phones don’t fail back to primary. Other than that they work as they should during normal operations over the primary. I know there are a lot of businesses and such using LTE as a failover and also have VoIP. I would think this type of situation is common. Hard to believe there is not a definitive solution defined.

I appreciate your assistance.


Another solution would be to use an SDWAN, but that adds more recurring expense.

Agreed but extra cost is what I am trying to avoid :). I’ll keep digging. May have to go script route. I appreciate your input