VOIP network interface setup - Indian context

Thought of giving ip PBX a try for home setup after watching the FreePBX video.

noob to pfsense…

FreePBX is running on virtual machine inside proxmox.
Router and firewall is pfsense running on its dedicated bare metal hardware…no virtualisation
PPPoE FTTH service in use - ONT in bridge mode.

It provides with a dynamic IP over PPPoE with a voice line but the ISP has done setup at their end in a manner that the VOIP is on the private network of the ISP and only accessible on the PSTN port of the ONT modem. they are not willing/not able to provide with the public IPs of the SIP and proxy servers or VPN settings.

now i want to setup the VOIP network in the pfsense so that i can use it with my freePBX.

Earlier in my modem i was able to create second network connection apart from the internet connection for voip service. after putting the modem in bridge mode that option is not there.

As per my research I need to first setup a VOIP network interface (with VLAN ID) over my WAN and put in the VLAN and DNS details along with my credentials for the authentication to complete and then only i can setup a trunk line in freePBX.

but i am unable to find any settings or page in the pfsense where i can actually create another network interface with required settings like VLAN, custom DNS static route with DNS.

please help me out

for the settings i need to put in the following settings…please check this thread from another forum… (few settings will be different as they are region specific)

settings thread

Also on the side note… is pfsense a good option when trying to get internet along with VOIP or should i switch to another firewall/router software option?

I have a pfsense video here on how to setup VLAN’s. I use UniFi in my example you can adopt it to Proxmox. Ideally you want to find a SIP provider such as VoipMS that offers SIP with NAT and which would allow it to work without opening at ports https://wiki.voip.ms/article/Firewall


Thanks for the quick reply…
i did check your video earlier.
my use case is a bit different. your vlan is going downstream while i want to create a upstream VLAN.

I want to create a voip VLAN to be piggy backing on the wan connection and terminate on the pfsense with a static route and ip address.
i actually don’t have any clue regarding how to set this up. the ISP tech is also not able to help me as he himself is not aware of all the settings at the exchange or i guess not willing to share with me.
my ONT router is aphion C100 and is very old. last FW update was in 2017 and online there are no FW available. also the GUI of the router has no option for the voip settings.
i will ask my ISP to provide me with a more advanced and updated ONT.

this is another thread in context with my issue thread

if possible please go through this and help me in any way you can.
BTW excellent videos with very easy explanation of difficult terminology and recent teech updates.