Voip.MS / FreePBX / pfSense

Disclaimer: My previous experience has been with pfSense/FreePBX/SIP Station. It worked.

I’m trying to set up a new FreePBX server for a non-profit that I manage the IT needs for. They have a spare IP, so my plan was to configure pfSense to port forward to the freepbx appliance.

I’ve set up an outbound NAT:

and the following WAN rules:

However, while setting up the voip.ms trunk, it doesn’t appear to be making a contact to the sip server. I can ping it successfully from the freepbx console, so I’m guessing that I’ve either configured the trunk incorrectly (but I doubt this) or I’ve got a pfSense rule set up incorrectly (my current theory).

Am I making this too difficult? Suggestions? Troubleshooting advice?

Unless you are using some external sip phones, there is not any need to have extra rules in pfsense for FreePBX to connect to VoipMS.

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Is it also the case when using IP Authentication? I use VoIP.ms