VoIP.ms DTMF issues

Can anyone else confirm whether they are having issues with DTMF on their VoIP.ms accounts? I have at least two boxes using different softswitches on two different POPs and not receiving RFC4733/2833 DTMF.

It appears that the new SIP infrastructure is not supporting RFC2833 - I can do RFC4733 and Inband DTMF but RFC2833 fails.

Voip.ms uses banwidth.com for their upstream carrier for USA DIDs. Bandwidth.com is getting attacked now causing inconsistencies in their service, and one-way audio & DTMF are specifically mentioned by users having issues…

Thanks for the feedback. Had not seen the notice re: DTMF on Bandwidth’s status page. I made the assumption it was related to VoIP.ms infrastructure changes. Switching to Inband DTMF fixed the issue for me in the short term.

@davesn regarding DTMF issues other users are reporting