VOIP Fiber Handoff

Hi, never dealt with Hosted VOIP on a separate handoff. Always get good advice here so here is what I know. Spectrum Enterprise UC VOIP is the service. Their equipment will have two handoffs. One for data network and one for VOIP. We are keeping our existing Pfsense Router in place. But both hand offs will tie into our existing network from my understanding as we only have one network port per desk. We are months out from having this installed, but what does this setup look like?

Generally we handle that setup by creating a LLDP-MED VLAN so the phones are on the VOIP providers network.

Excellent, does the Voice handoff connect then to the same pfsense box handling the current business LAN. And the LLDP Med VLAN also defined on this box. Thanks for the learning! Love your forum btw. Has helped me a bunch.

The easiest way is to configure a port on the switch so you don’t have configure the firewall.