VoiP DDoS Mitigation Explained With Ray Orsini from OITVoiP [YouTube Release]

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:stopwatch: Timestamps :stopwatch:
00:00 Voip DDoS Mitigations
03:00 The Challenge with Real Time Communications
04:00 Who Is Ray Orsini & OitVoip
05:07 What is DDoS?
08:20 How Do Voip DDoS Attack Work?
14:04 Voip Mitigation Strategies
22:50 What About a Backup Voip Provider?
25:40 Toll Free Numbers
27:45 What About Number Porting?


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Well, now I understand regarding the lack of redundancy for phone numbers. Thank you for the video!

I would say the reason for the lack of redundancy is because of how the phone systems were used to setup with one phone wire per household. It’s episode 833.

Sure it has gotten a lot better over the decades; however, it seems to me that phone companies do not think about redundancy. If a PSTN-based phone company goes down, then no phone calls can go in or out. Can we really hope we can move out of PSTN and go with IP-based phone systems while still keeping 10-digit numbers? (sigh) Hmm… Probably not.

What a great video. Has brought up a ton of additional questions - I like it down here in the weeds…

I feel like you gave VoIP.ms a pass on the issue of call forwarding or maybe I am not understanding something. I don’t see the technical reason that a soft-switch or SIP proxy cannot live on a non-publicly known IP address for the sole purpose of receiving calls and passing them back out to the PSTN. I feel like that should be part of the mitigation strategy that should be pre-planned in the same way you need to have scrubbers on standby and BGP route announcements. If you are unable to absorb the traffic on your publicly known POPs from a DDoS attack, then have some non-publicly known servers/infrastructure that only do forwarding. I think this matters a lot for a telephony provider because it is the best last resort if you just cannot provide service for originating calls to your customers equipment over the public Internet because of a DDoS attack. VoIP is inherently vulnerable to DDoS, the PTSN is inherently inflexible in terms of where calls land for a given DID - so, you need a B-plan there it seems. The only B-plan that makes sense to me it to allow customers to reliably forward calls back to the PTSN which can only happen on “hidden” infrastructure (not necessarily private, but not publicly known).

I hope Bandwidth is more prepared - because it looks like the attack has moved upstream. :eyes:


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You mentioned at the beginning of the video that it is thanks to OITVoIP that your calls are now up and running. I don’t know if I missed it, but I didn’t hear in the video what they did to help you if your numbers are still with voipms.

I believe they were able to do an expedited on-net port at Bandwidth.

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