VNET Failure. Moving jails using iocage import

Hey all! I’m getting this error on my FreeNAS 11.3-U2.1 machine: (jexec: execvp: ifconfig: No such file or directory)

This is the video I’ve been using as a guide:
I’m trying to move all my jails from one pool on the same host to another pool on the same host.

I did a shutdown of all jails
packaged them all up
used the FreeNAS GUI to activate a new pool for jail storage
and then I copied the zips and hashes over.
Then, I used iocage import on the jails, and they did show up,
Using diff -r I found nothing out of the ordinary yet
when I try and start jails, I get the above error.

Take a look at this gist with a comparison, starting on one pool vs starting on the other.
Id love to hear what you think! ill try out any rabbit hole, hmu on IRC too, ive been trying to work through this with some helpful folk on #FreeBSD, #iocage and #FreeNAS.

Sounds like a network mismatch, but fixing networking in jails is still a weak point for me so I am not really sure where to point you to get this fixed.

Thanks so much for the reply! Do you know of any debug or verbose modes i can try? Everything is a perfect duplicate, it really confuses my exactly why it dosent seem to function…
Ill try a zfs send || zfs recv tomorrow, maybe there is something in the iocage dataset somewhere itself that I need.

I was unsuccessful with a zfs send || zfs recv

Thank you so much to #darkfiber on Freenode #freebsd
The issue was an error in fstab, check fstab for pointers going to the wrong place.
I would not have expected this but there it was :slight_smile:

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