VMware to XCP-ng migration

After seeing all of the great features XCP-ng offers vs VMware and the HCL restrictions on VMware I’m migrating from ESXi. However, having some trouble moving my Ubuntu template over.

Does anyone have any tools or resources for this? I got the eth0 interface to come back after some trial and error, but its still freezing on a “/dev/xvda1: clean”

Yeah, I know its best to do clean installs, but this just isn’t practical.

What format are your exporting your vmware guest?

I’ve tried OVF/OVA and the native VMware format. The Ubuntu guests seem to hang on the boot screen. I can do Ctrl+Alt+F2 to switch terminals and I can get in, but its really annoying.

I will modify this and try from vmware to Xen don’t have an XCP-ng instance.