VMware Horizon alternative

Horizon user here wondering if anyone here has any feedback on Open Source VDI solutions. I’ve been looking into XCP-NG and I’m liking what I’m seeing. But I’m wondering if there are other (open source would be nice) well working VDI solutions out there.

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My preference is for XCP-NG with Xen Orchestra but Proxmox is another popular alternative.

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Tom has very good results with XCP_NG but I like Proxmox because it is much easier to install Docker apps. Also ZFS support is getting better. Just my personal experience been using Proxmox longer, but I do like XPG-NG. It all depends on what you are use to and what you want to accomplish.

Thanks Tom.
Does XCP-NG/Xen Orchestra have a Horizon View like product? That handles the sessions? And a Client for the user to use to connect to their session/VDI? (Which I guess could just be a web portal instead of an App.)

I probably should use the correct terms. Mainly what I’m asking about is Desktop Virtualization. I found UDS Enterprise but it’s only free for up to 10 users. In the open source project that is behind XCP-ng is there a Desktop Virtualization aspect to it?

XCP-NG is a virtualization system, not a virtualized application delivery system.

I would check out flexVDI. Also, MS RDS is pretty cheap compared to Citrix or VMware.