VMs Read-Only file system after TrueNAS 12.4U update

I just ran the TrueNAS 12-4U update, not realizing that the system would have to reboot to complete installation. All of my XEN VMs were running and now show OSError : Road-only file system. It looks like the loss of connection to TrueNAS were seen as a disk error and switched to R/O.
Has anyone been down this road before? Is there a quick fix for all my VMs?
Thanks in advance!

dmesg gives me:

EXT4-fs (dm-0): Couldn't remount RDWR because of unprocessed orphan inode list.  Please umount/remount instead

Should just be a matter of running fsck -f /dev/sdxx for each drive to clear the corruption.

When I do that, I get:

/dev/xvda is in use.
efsck: cannot continue, aborting.

I’m going to boot into recovery mode and try again