VM inside ESXi mount TrueNAS NFS share located with this specific setup?

I think I already know the answer to this, but I thought I should ask all the same. I have attached a diagram of my setup. As you can see, I have a DAC cable between my TrueNAS Server and my ESXi host. I configured the segment with the network . Basically, I want the only way to access the NFS is to utilize that link connected to the ESXi host.

In this current setup, I have had no issue adding NFS datastores on ESXi to my hearts content. However, I did have one inquiry. Let’s say I create a Linux VM, and I want to connect to another NFS share I have being hosted on the TrueNAS server; that would not be possible because the VM lives in the VM Network Portgroup, and because it does not have a connection to the Storage Network Portgroup, I would never be able to make a NFS connection.

If that is indeed the case, are there any specific ways to get it to work, without sacrificing the security of limiting the network data flow to one ESXi host?

You are correct, you would have to include the VM’s network to the storage network.