VLOG Thursday 379: TrueNAS, pfsense, Homelab, & Tech Talk Live Q&A [YouTube Release]

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As i dont have a google account i can only watch your VLOG and sadly dont chat.
So i take a chance that you might see this post before your live stream starts.

What is your opinion about Cisco small/mid business routers/firewalls against the ones you have made a few videos about in the past pfsense, Untangle, USG, Dream Machine, UDM Pro, & EdgeRouter?
Thanks in advance Marie from Sweden :slight_smile:
I will watch your live stream even i dont have a google/youtube account so i can interact live :slight_smile:

The Cisco small business stuff is not that great, the UniFi routing is getting better, I think the EdgeRouters are very basic and probably getting close to end of life. Untangle is fine, but I don’t really care much for their interface and it’s not a very popular product anymore since Arista bought them.

Okay, Thanks :slight_smile:
I use a Cisco mid VPN router that EOL soon or now , i dont know the date. *LOL’ :smiley: Thats why i register here to explore pfSense as its a cheaper choice as you almost pay $500 extra just for having the Cisco logo on the front. ‘LOL’
I will watch your stream that’s starts 9PM Swedish time. :slight_smile:
Have a great Stream :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Depending on what you need, pfsense and OPNsense are probably a better choice for firewall. That said, if you need insurance on your cyber security, then they might require one of the products from the “magic square” approved list (Gartner), it’s probably advertising and kickbacks to be on the list. I think that was one reason we recently installed some Fortigate equipment where I work (big name must be better).

And that said, if you need to use a Cisco VPN system, then you might be stuck with them.

Hi Greg_E :slight_smile:

I use Cisco as i know it and have used it since the early 00’s… and it just works year after year even a looong time after EOL, the hardware is great… So its a bit about the old saying: stick to what you know… thingi :smiley: and on top i never had to pay for them as my former employer let me have the hardware we replaced for my personal use… so i could not take a lot and sell it off so to speak. So thats why i have been Cisco loyal all this years… it works, i know it and it was free up to a few years ago.
As for the VPN function… it dont have to have Cisco specific as only I use it… actually i dont even use that solution anymore as zerotrust is a better solution.

The only functions i really need from a firewall.
Reliability so i know i never have to reboot unless its a firmware update,
High load over a long time 1Gbit speed(i do have a 10Gbit ISP, but you seldom use that speed so its worth the money ‘LOL’),
VPN… Outbound is nice as i have a public IP then its nice to channel most of the traffic through a VPN provider to mask the IP.
QoS, VoIP, IPTV, IPS, Vlan tagged/untagged, DMZ, then classic block allow rules… oh and Mac lock to IP when using DHCP.
So nothing really complicated so to speak. :slight_smile: