VLOG Thursday 268: InvoiceNinja V5, UniFi, Projects, Errata, and Q&A [YouTube Release]

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Thanks for the video. The only things keeping us from using invoice ninja are the following. Curious how you handle @LTS_Tom

  1. Sales tax reporting. We have multiple taxing jurisdictions (different rates based on county) and invoice ninja 4 did not seem to handle this very well if at all. . How do you handle sales tax reporting.?

  2. Payments via check. I know in the past you said you just download transactions from your bank and import into kmymoney. But how do you handle flagging payments made by customers using checks since invoice ninja does not automatically do that. Do you manually go into invoice ninja and flag it as paid?

  3. Time tracking. Do your techs use invoice ninja time tracking? If not how do you track time worked on consulting?

Thanks Tom.

Invoice Ninja does track sales tax and has a report as well. Payments via check are manually input into our system, we receive many per month and it is not over baring. And yes, we use time tracking and it works very well. If you have questions you can always reach out to me.

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Thanks Brett. Interesting. The sales tax issue for us was that in our state (NY) there are multiple taxing jurisdictions by county so the rates are different depending on where the customer resides. Version 4 did not handle this well so we will check this out in 5. We use qb on prem (not qbo) and the lack of integration with a back end accounting system is a concern especially regarding sales tax reconciliation which is automatic in qb. I know there are invoice ninja integrations for QBO using zapier but we are on prem qb which does not exist.

I am going to revisit invoice ninja. I really like these guys and the product and would like to find a way to use it. Perhaps just some slight modifications to internal procedures. With the latest draconian changes with intuit I would love to jettison QB all together but our accountant loves it when we send them our accounting copy at the end the year.

I really appreciate your response.