VLANs won't work when connected to my second Unifi AP

I have installed a second nanoHD AP at my new home due to poor Wifi signal on the first floor. This solved the problem but created another one - when devices connect to this AP via a specific SSID that is tagged with a VLAN ID, they have no connectivity. They manage to get an IP address in correct subnet, but no traffic flows.

I suspect the problem has something to do with how it’s connect to my pfSense box. My main AP is connected to the LAN port and the second is connected to OPT2 (which is basically configured as LAN2). There are pass rules in place that allow these two separate networks to function as one. The reason for having the second AP connected to OPT2 is due to it being located upstairs and I only have one ethernet backhaul cable to use, which is currently being used by my NAS on LAN2 (also located upstairs).

Due to the above, I have a feeling that I need to bridge the LAN and LAN2, but I don’t want to do this as I’d like them still to be separate networks with different subnet IP ( &, including the NAS.

I’m a bit stuck now and hoping someone could kindly help. Thanks in advance.