VLANS with procurve switch and Unifi

I’m new to networking and am having trouble setting up VLAN’s with a procurve switch. Have the port on the procurve switch tagged for the vlan also both trunk ports are tagged and the USG port is tagged which is connected to procurve switch. Tagging the port for the controller doesn’t make any difference(CK connected to US-8-150W). I have assigned a device a fixed ip in unifi in a vlan but it still gets an address in my main subnet.

Modem > USG > Procurve switch > US-8-150W > CK

I have the USG connected to the Procurve because I only have one RJ45 port and one SFP port open on the US-8-150W.

By “device” do you mean a Unifi device (switch, AP) or a client?

Is the client which you want to be part of a VLAN plugged into the procurve switch? If so then the port needs to be set as untag for that VLAN. Or if its a wireless client, is the AP it is connecting to plugged into the procurve? if so then the AP port needs to be tagged for that VLAN, and the SSID on the AP.

Correct by device I mean client which would be connected to the procurve switch. For wireless I have a unifi AP that is connected to the US-8-150W. The wireless vlan is working.

So then the port the wired client is plugged into needs to be set as “untag” for that VLAN on the procurve

Thanks it’s working now