Vlans, pfSense and XCP-NG

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building a lab for school and I’m trying to figure out how to do VLANs with pfSense inside XCP-NG.

Here’s the diagram of what I’m building:

In XCP-NG my WAN and LAN networks are mapped to NIC0 and NIC1 respectively. What I want to do is create a VLAN for my DMZ and two others for DATA and VOICE. My question is: is this done by adding additional networks and associating them with the appropriate vlan tag and then adding these networks as “interfaces” into pfSense?

Or should I just use the LAN interface for all my VMs and just create 3 vlan in pfSense and associate them with the lan interface as the parent?

I admit I’m a bit confused here…:thinking:

Thanks for you help, guys.

This is an older video but still relevant as to how you setup the VLANS in XCP-NG (In the video I was still using Citrix)