VLANs not accessible through 10 gbps SFP+ interface


I have a pfSense firewall (Netgate 7100) which I have connected to a Unifi managed switch. I originally had it connected via ethernet and I was able to assign ports to VLANs managed by pfSense. Then I removed the ethernet cable and replaced it with a DACT cable on the SFP+ ports.

I’m not sure if this was the correct thing to do but I created a bridge interface for LAN (vlan 4091) and the SFP interface. This kinda works but for some reason I can not assign a port on the unifi switch to any vlan other than the LAN.

Does anyone know what I’m missing? Or maybe I don’t even need to setup a bridge interface?


Not sure if bridge is exactly what you are looking for as I think the DAC connections on those are independent of that split backend setup they have listed in their “Switch Config” Netgate 7100 Security Gateway Manual — Configuring the Switch Ports | Netgate Documentation

Hey @LTS_Tom - thanks for that link - it’s not one I’ve seen. Do you think I need to go through the “assign interface” wizard and assign LAN to ix0.4091?

WAN -> lagg0.4090
LAN -> ix0.4091

This was the guide I followed:

As best I can recall you don’t need to do that with the SFP ports.