VLANs and Accessing from other VLAN

Hi! I am using 3 vlans;
LAN: 192.168.0.x (pfSense)
VLAN 10: 192.168.10.x
VLAN 30: 10.10.4.x
VLAN 90: 70.0.0.x

My network is VLAN 30 however I want to be able to access the LAN network from my VLAN 30 (for example file shares). Please could someone advise on how I could do this!


I cover that in this video

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The way I set up my network with vLans was firstly align the vLan with the subnet octet
vLan 1 -
vLan 10 - etc.
On my switch there were some default vlans, so I just left them and started from 10.

Then I just created an alias for my vLan subnets. Then on my Guest vLan I create a rule to block all subnet alias, on my main vLan I create a rule to allow all subnet alias. Then I can snoop on my Guest vlan but my guests can’t see any other vlan. Likewise I do similar with my camera vLan, nothing gets out period.

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They should be set up right and are route-able subnets, it’s just the firewall blocking. You’re going to need rules for ingres/egress for those networks; whether you want anything to go between them or only allowing est/related connections to them. If you need anything else, feel free to ask.