vLan tagging question

Hi , I have setup 2 vLans for IOT and Guest going thru managed switch to Netgear Wax610 AP.

My question is can i tag another port say port 8 in my IOT vlan. Port 8 currently is a AP for my outside wifi on the switch . I would like to use the IOT vlan. The reason is this access point is to control switches etc for my koi pond as some devices are not picking up the wifi signal.

Sorry if this seems trivial any advice would be appreciated.

I don’t know much about that AP. If the AP supports multiple SSID’s with VLAN tagging for each SSID then you can tag both your IoT and Guest networks on a single port.

If your Accesspont(s) have vlan support you could even do it with one SSID by using dynamic vlans.

Source: Dynamic VLAN Assignment: Wireless - IP With Ease

Thanks for your and suggestion , this is beyond my expertise. I am still getting to grips with the vlans for my Netgear wax610 AP which at the moment seems to be working which is a start .

Now i am trying to figure out how to add another ssid onto WAX610 AP . i’ll get there in end.

Thanks again

Your accesspoint supports vlans.
In de manual of your accesspoint you can read about the use of vlans on page 84.
Setting a (extra) ssid you can read about that on page 85.