VLAN routing for WiFI project

Hello, first time posting. I need to provide a WiFi solution to a client, with around 20 Unifi APs. The client asks for network segregation with VLANs, along with 802.1x for main corp WiFi. He asks that the router for this purpose to be completely independed from his own UTM and switches.
Since now we are using Mikrotik devices for this purpose, but he asked for one vendor if possible. I am thinking to use Edgerouter ER-10X for this project, along with a managed switch for the APs.

Do you have any other suggestion?

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You say “the router for this purpose to be completely independed from his own UTM and switches” but also using 802.1x for Corp wifi, I presume there will have to be some connection between the new wireless and the existing hardware else it will be difficult for the wireless clients on the corp wifi to access the corp network (unless you are going Zero trust but even then you need some connection).

The obvious choice would be unifi switch(es) a hostifi subscription (or maybe a cloudkey2) and a netgate box. If you need to keep it all on one vendor then yes, the USG would be an option but they are not great routers so YMMV.

Is there an existing 802.1x authentication system or are you providing that and are you needing to manage usernames and passwords? That’s an area I’ve not looked at much but my understanding is that pfSense would have you covered here as well.

Thank you, yes access to DCs will be provided for 802.1x. Controller will be installed on a Windows VM, maybe I will suggest a cloud key.
Main concern is which router should I choose based on speed, I dont really like USG, I prefer EdgeRouter.
I am very familiar with pfSense, but netgate boxes are kind of expensive where I reside.

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Are you replacing the route that the current corp net is using? or do you need a router to go between this setup and the existing corp net?

I need a router just for the WiFi infrastructure, to handle VLANs and WiFi routing only.

Wondering if the small Edge can do the job.

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Not sure I totally understand but to your original question;

I would recomend pfSense. If you have a spare PC to run it on rather than buying a netgate box then thats’s fine.

pfSense will give you a lot more flexibility than a USG, UDM or ERX

Thanks, that would be my suggestion, but the client does not want that…
So I would have to recommend a routing device.