VLAN on pfsense & EdgeMAX (ER-X)?

Looking for a little help setting up a VLAN on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X (ER-X) with my pfsense box. I’ve watched @LTS_Tom video(s) on pfsense and VLANs, but those deal with the UniFI software on the Ubiquiti switch, not the EdgeMAX software that runs on the ER-X.

I know this shouldn’t be that hard but I seem to be having a real problem setting up the VLAN on the ER-X side of things. The ports of the ER-X are as follows:

  • eth 0 the LAN connection from pfsense box (
  • eth1 to be my existing house LAN port, 192.168.30.xxx. Can this be a default VLAN1 or does it
    have to be setup as a specific VLAN, i.e. VLAN 10 (192.168.10.xxx)?
  • eth3 port as a VLAN 32, 192.168.32.xxx, for my IOT stuff.

From Tom’s video (How To Setup VLANS With pfsense & UniFI. Also how to build for firewall rules for VLANS in pfsense - YouTube) I’ve got the pfsense interface assignments, DHCP servers, and rules setup.

I can’t seem to get the setting correct in the EdgeRouter X EdgeMAX GUI. Can anyone give me some direction on specific settings for the switch0 > Actions > Vlan tab? Specifically the VLAN Aware option and switch ports pvid and vid settings.

Since I’ve got a VLAN32 setup in pfsense and the associated DHCP server, do I also need to setup a DHCP server in ER-X?

I do have the ER-X switch setup to use DHCP and it’s getting an IP address ( from pfsense. When I do add a VLAN32 to the ER-X switch0 interface for the address do I select ‘Use DHCP’ or ‘Manually define IP address’ and enter which is the VLAN DHCP server in pfsense?

Any direction would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I have not used an EdgeRouter in a few years, might want to try the Ubiquity forums.

It could be useful to explain the topology. How would you like to use pfsense? As a gateway or as a switch? Will pfsense act as a DHCP server?

@spectre002 Currently my WAN comes into my pfSense box. From the pfSense box I have two interfaces, one is my household LAN and the other is a DMZ port that feeds my IOT stuff. pfSense is my one and only router and does all the rules and DHCP stuff. Has worked great for years.

I want to plug the EdgeMAX into the LAN output from the pfSense box. I’d just use the EdgeMAX as a smart switch and add an IOT VLAN. I would then not use the DMZ port from my pfSense box.