VLAN creation with virtualized pfsense within xcp-ng

Hi I’m currently running pfsense virtualized within xcp-ng and am interested in setting up VLANS.

My current physical setup is a protectli box with Comcast entering within one port and a LAN cable fed to a Unifi switch.

Within the protectli box, I have xcp-ng 8.0 running and virtualized within xcp-ng I have pfsense and a few linux installations (Ubuntu, arch, Ubuntu with xo).

Currently all the VMs created within xcp ng and the LAN are all on the same network segment (

I ran across this article within the xcp-ng wiki this morning labeled VLAN trunking within in VM (https://github.com/xcp-ng/xcp/wiki/VLAN-Trunking-in-a-VM).

Within the article listed above it discussed two methods either using a multiple VIF approach or creation of a VLAN Trunk to VM approach as a method of creating VLANs within a virtualized pfSense installation.

I’m fairly new to the use of VMs, however ideally I think if pfsense were not virtualized I’d utilize inherently a trunk method.

Ideally I’d like to put my IoT devices within a separate VLAN. All the IoT devices are attached to the Unifi switch either directly or through a combination of various unifi APs.

I’m just wondering a preferred way to set everything up when pfsense is virtualized particularly in light of the fact that xn driver within pfsense doesnt seem to support 802.11q tagging (seriously?? – its now 2020). I can provide a drawing if things I’ve described above are not clear.