VLAN Compatible Router

I currently have a pfSense box which is not suiting my needs. I am looking into buying a TP-Link Router however I need it to support at least 4 VLANS. Any Suggestions? Would rather it be TP-Link as it will tie in with the rest of my networking equipment.


My pfSense is running around 15 VLANs without any issues. I use one physical interface and setup sub-interfaces/VLANs for each network. It connects to a switch trunk port so all the VLANs configured on the switch can reach the firewall. As long as you have a L2 switch that does vlanning you should be good.

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I am running pfsense on a HP Proliant ML310e Gen8 with an E3-1220L V2 and 8GB RAM and I am very happy with it’s power.

I have a dodgy :wink: chinese mini-pc with 6 ethernet ports by Kettop, don’t seem to be on Amazon any longer but that type of device does the job. Never seen a consumer router running PfSense.