VLAN and pfSense frustration

I’ve just about had it. I put my Proxmox VMs into their own VLAN and it is mostly working. DHCP gives addresses, the any any rule routes traffic to and from it from my native VLAN, and for a little while they can access the internet. But after a while, they “lose their route” and I cannot reach the internet. Shortly after that, my SSH session from my PC halts, likely for the same reason. Weird thing is I can SSH back in, but there is still no internet. When I reboot, I get internet access back. For a little while.

I’ve recreated this with a laptop connected to a switchport programmed on the same VLAN. Exact same result, indicating it’s not a Proxmox issue. Putting the VMs onto VLAN 1 again avoids the problem. Pulling my hair out. Watched all of Tom’s videos on the subject, including the one about tagging traffic for the SG-1100’s Marvell switch. I ordered a SG-2100 partially to see if it could be a hardware problem.

Mostly a rant, but if anyone has any suggestion, I’m all ears.

When I recently upgraded PROXMOX, to version 7 it messed up some of my vlans and networking, had to reconfigure again.

Though I run pfsense on its own hardware.

I’d say you’re probably wasting your time virtualising pfsense unless you already have a configuration working on hardware already. Way to painful to troubleshoot.

Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t all that clear. I am running pfSense on an SG-1100. My server goes down way too often to consider having it virtualized. Thanks for your input.