Virtualizing pfSense within xcp-ng - zfs questions/concern

Recently acquired a 2.5Gb networking mini-PC (Topton/Aliexpress: 11th Gen Intel Mini Router I7 1165g7 Pentium 7505 4 Intel I225 2.5g Lan 2xddr4 Nvme Celeron N5105 Fanless Pfsense Firewall Pc - Barebone & Mini Pc - AliExpress)

Machine has 32Gb RAM with 1TB NVMe and 1TB 2.5" SSD

Wanting to virtualize pfSense. Was thinking about dedicating 8Gb of RAM to virtualized pfSense.

I haven’t installed pfSense in a long time, however I believe its setup with ZFS as the file system. I thought zfs really ran best with direct access to the disks, however I’m aware zfs can be used in a virtual environment. Are there issues with zfs I should be expecting if run in a virtual environment such as RAM requirements?

I’m aware of the some of the other issues with pfSense virtualization within xcp-ng (tx offloading, vlan trunking through vifs), but the zfs twist is new to me. I’m guessing creating a zfs mirrored setup virtualizing with 10GB of disc space on the nvme and 10gb on the SSD probably not recommended.

Thanks for any opinions on the matter.

The ZFS part works fine but don’t setup more than one virtual disk for pfsense.

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Thanks for your opinion.