Virtualized pfSense - Low throughput across VLANs


I am running pfSense in a VM in XCP-ng with 2 Vlans.
When I do a speed test in pfSense, I get the full 1G speed but all the VM that I run using the pfSense vlan interface are barely getting 10Mb connection to the internet.

Here is my setup
Physical host is setup with public IP
Inside the host, I have 1x pfSense with another public IP for Wan.
Inside pfSense, I then created 1 LAN network that then run my 2 vlan.

Could you anyone please help me understand what is going on?

Thank you

I found the issue… I installled pfSense using Xen Orchestra template so I assumed all will be good but then I missed the step where I need to Disable TX Checksum Offload.

xe vif-param-set uuid=<VIF_UUID> other-config:ethtool-tx="off"

I would not put your physical host on a public IP unless you can filter based on source IP.

So how would you do it when you renting a dedicated server for a cloud provider that give you a public IP? I am not happy either about that setup but not sure of any other way. So far, i set a firewall rull to only accept ssh from my office IP and blocked https which is the hypervisor web interface to launch XOA.

I think you are doing it the right way by whitelisting the IP that can reach the mgmt interface of your server.