Virtual Machine or Physical Machine Migration With Clonezilla

and “How To Convert Physical Servers to Virtual Using Disk2vhd With XCP-NG & Xen Orchestra”

When you use the Clonezilla method, do you have to create a virtual disk for each physical disk, or one disk that’s at least as big as both physical disks?

Sorry, I’m still new to Xen Orchestra & p2v migrating (in general).

Yes, the destination has to be at least the size of the source or can be bigger.

I apologize. apparently I wasn’t clear enough.

When you create a new VM, the “Disks” section, do you need to add a disk for each physical drive, or create one that is at least the sum of all drives?

My [C:] drive is 120GiB, and my [G:] drive is 1TiB
Do I create a drive in XO that’s about 1.2TiB, or do I need to create one at 120GiB & another at 1TiB?

If the source of the clone has two drives then the destination does as well.

Got it. Thank you Tom.