Virtual Lab Suggestions

I am looking for recommendations for setting up a virtual lab so I can test out topology, routing, switching, addressing before I reconfigure my setup. This will essentially be a one and done as when I have it running I dont see any reason to redo it so in keeping with my frugal nature any resources that are free, cheap or offer a decent trial period would be ideal. I am hoping its something that can be 100% online but if not I have Virtual Box installed and can run windows or linux based applications. What I envision is something similar to what Cisco had out years ago for the various certs where you could set up your network and see if and how it worked. Thanks for your input.

I don’t use it because I prefer to build with hardware & virtualized systems using XCP-NG but is popular network lab software

I think the one you are referencing was packet tracer maybe?

Agree with Tom - gns3 is very popular. You could check out eve-ng which works well also, but is a little more involved in setting up.

Thanks Tom. Yes testing in a lab would be ideal but I had to give that up a long time ago when I got married. My wife hated the time I spent online and buying equipment and disappearing into the office for hours on end especially since I no longer had work as an excuse. Now I am just trying to find the time to play with my drones and monster trucks.

Thanks for the input Pete. I may give that a try and hope it doesnt take much time to get used to as this is going to be a one off I think, I need to get done and move on to more pressing things like getting our kitchen finished before my wife disowns me. I also found that my Navy also has something that they now maintain and may give that a look see as well but agree that gns3 appears to be a top flight option. Thanks again.