Virtual IP no inet on Inet Failover


I have a firewall in at a client and until recent changes i had it working the way they wanted it (the squid reporting stopped working after a update and i couldn’t figure that out yet, but that is another topic).

So until recently they had a fix telephone pabx on site that connected to IP phones but had a straight telephone only line out so no firewall etc. The client switched to VOIP recently and my trouble started with that change.

The site runs two IP ranges 192.168.0.x is for the PC’s, Servers, Printers, etc and 192.168.1.x is for the networking gear and phones. I setup the .1.x range as virtual IP on the .0.x network cars so the network devices can pull updates to firmware from the internet. Not sure if it’s the best way to do it but it worked “perfecctly” till now.

On the old PABX this worked fine as the PABX had a direct line out and no routing had to occur during failover etc for the phones.

With the switch over to voip i found that the .1.x range does not get inet when the failover triggers and the main fiber line goes off. I’ve setup the fail overs etc as close as i can according to guide videos and pages i could find. The .0.x range fails over and works but the .1.x range doesn’t so they have inet but no phones.

I’ve tried searching but either my googlefo is lacking lately or i’m not understanding the solutions supplied in the results i get.

I basically have 1 MAIN Question: Should virtual ip’s linked to a network card also get redirected as the main ip range should?

If Yes where can i start searching for the reason it isn’t.
If No what would be the correct way to have two internal ip ranges both being able to failover on inet.

I’ve recommended that we change the subnet to one that includes the 1 range as part of the IP range but so far the client doesn’t want to do it.

If you need any more info on the setup feel free to ask i’ll supply what i can.

Thanks in advance…

Would help , if you told us what firewall

:man_facepalming:t5: pfsense

Sorry trying to include as much info as i can and then leaving out the one bit that makes the biggest difference, slow day in brain town today