Viewing flash based items, ie CIMC

So I inherited some Cisco gear, mainly C220M3S’s, which use a flash based CIMC.
I am using Maxthon browser on my Windows Laptop, but really want to use my Pop_OS desktop to work on the servers.
I installed google chrome v86, and can login to the server, however it sits at a landing page like this:

I’ve googled until my fingers were tired. I’ve tried installing ruffle as an extension, to no avail.


Could it need JAVA installed and enabled?

Hmmm, interesting.
I will check to see what I have installed on my desktop and reply if it works.
Thanks for the input Greg_E!

My other thought is that since this is Cisco, can you connect over a serial cable? Never worked with their servers, so not really sure.

@Greg_E, I do have Java installed, version 11.0.11.

I do have a serial cable to usb, which is great for my laptop, however I want to be able to access through my intranet, via my desktop. Much larger screen to view everything. I can open the login page, and login but the above is what I see.