Video Wall / Matrix for TV Monitoring of IP Cams

I spent the last two Saturdays with a buddy of mine trying to get a Raspberry Pi set up with Rpisurv and about 8x Hikvision cameras to display on a 1080p TV for monitoring some cameras in a breakroom. We use BlueIris at that location but the server hosting it isn’t placed in a way where we can get an HDMI cable going to its interface. Rpisurv ( looked like the perfect solution but unfortunately it chokes on the feeds we send it from Hikvision cameras no matter what settings. Incidentally it works great with Unifi cameras. Anyway, I’ve been on the hunt for a similar solution that can display either 4 cameras at a time but cycling through a second page of 4 or all 8-12 cameras on the screen at once. For whatever reason, there seems to be next to nothing out there that I’ve been able to find that’s compatible with multiple types of cameras. Everything I’ve found has one of the following issues:

  1. Web browser based. These fail every time because web browsers suck for keeping stuff on the screen 24x7 for long periods of time. From timeouts to cache issues, to memory leaks, to the constant changes. Browsers suck for this.

  2. Tied to a single vendor of cameras. Vivotek has some good stuff here and so does Hikvision but I need something software based - preferably able to run on Linux - that can run 24x7 and handle straight up RTSP streams.

  3. Licensed at a prohibitively high price point (or almost worse yet, with a “Call for pricing” link on their website. Yeah no thanks!

Anybody got software for doing this that I can run on a normal PC? In case you guys are wondering why I don’t just run a standard DVR off the shelf - the security on those leaves a lot to be desired…