I have been using unifi video via for a while now to provide access to various NVRs at the same complex as it is easy for my boss to use and move between buildings while they are away. They typically use the unifi video app to accomplish this.

I have setup a nginx reverse proxy that routes let you access various NVRs based on FQDN from a browser yet only utilizing one public facing IP. This works great but when manually adding it to the app this only lets me view the recordings but no the livestreams. The livestreams work from a browser but I assume not the app because it uses port 7446 with the IP and not the hostname.

Would anyone be able to confirm that this is the case and any potential work arounds?

I can post a sanitized version of my nginx site config that helps.

I have not tested as we have been moving people over to protect. Here are the ports needed.